As Special Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 1992 to 2003, Dr. Bird worked on the development of educational programs that addressed ethical issues in science and engineering, professional responsibilities, and ethical issues in research practice and science and engineering more generally. While at MIT she also taught courses on the responsible conduct of research, and those that consider the ethical and social policy implications of science and technology. In addition, she headed the Ethics Domain of the VaNTH biomedical engineering educational consortium consisting of Vanderbilt, Northwestern, the University of Texas, and the Harvard-MIT Health Science and Technology program. Dr. Bird has written numerous articles on issues in the responsible conduct of research and on mentoring and other responsibilities of science and engineering professionals.

She co-edits the international journal Science and Engineering Ethics which explores issues of direct concern to scientists and engineers related to both the practice and application of science and technology. The journal, published by Springer, is widely abstracted and indexed and was recently cited by the National Academy of Science as a leading resource for scholarly articles on research integrity. Special issues of Science and Engineering Ethics have focused on various topics including “Integrating Ethics into Engineering Education and Practice”, “Ethical Issues in Research at the University-Industry Interface”, “Communicating Science” and “Web-based Education in Science and Engineering Ethics”.

As an independent consultant and speaker Dr. Bird has worked on a variety of projects with a number of educational institutions, government agencies, professional societies, corporations, and law firms (See Services).

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